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12 Secrets of long life

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As a continuation to the series of Covenant – the secret of long life, I wish to present to you the 12 Secrets of long life (Psalms 34 verse 1 – 12)

If you want to live long;

  1. You MUST seek God at ALL times. (Vs 10) (Mathew 6:38)
  2. You MUST free yourself from fear. (vs 4): The enemy wants to always harass you and if you fall for his constant tricks, he will get you. But if you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and know that you are an overcomer, you will have VICTORY.
  3. You MUST constantly / continually look unto God at all times (vs 5): Do not allow your focus to be shifted from God.
  4. You MUST free yourself from troubles. – Life would have been too monotonous and very boring if there are no challenges.
  5. You MUST fear God always (vs 7).
  6. You MUST trust in God (vs 8).
  7. You MUST free yourself from unnecessary WANTS, from lust and unholy desires (Vs 9).
  8. You MUST control your tongue (vs 12 – 13). – Lets watch our tongues this year.
  9. You MUST depart from all forms of evil.
  10. You MUST seek and pursue GOOD at all times.
  11. You MUST live a life of brokenness and humility.
  12. When you place your TOTAL TRUST in God, He prospers you. (vs 9). – whatever career, field of learning, occupation you find yourself in, the moment you trust God fully, he is able to prosper you.

I don’t know about you, but my LIFE is very important; my BREATH is also very important to me, so is my BLOOD. I don’t know whose life has been considered DEAD. I don’t know whose life has been said to be dead and long gone. But as far as the Lord lives, just as “dry bones rose in the days of old (Ezekiel 7 vs 1 – 3), your life will rise again.

Has your life, business, profession been written off? – I bring you good news today – your life, business, career will come alive in the mighty name of Jesus.

Open your mouth right now and prophesy into your life:

My life (………. Pup your name…………), I prophesy to you, hear the Sovereign Lord!! “I will put breath into you, and you will LIVE

  • Pray for the fresh breath of life upon your life so that you may live and not die.
  • Lord sustain me as a living soul.
  • Father, every dead career, dead situations, please breathe your BREATH of LIFE upon it, and let it come alive.
  • That situation that has defied human solution, I say “in the Name of Jesus, come ALIVE”. My health, my Dreams, my aspirations, my Godly plans, my Godly desires, my Visions, come ALIVE!!!.

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