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A Woman’s secret -Toyin Adon Abel

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A woman’s secret is always so dear to her…. Like one of the former Uk Prime Ministers said some time ago.

“If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman” Margaret Thatcher.

What exactly are THESE secrets that women guard so close to their chest?

Just last week, I was on the phone with a friend of mine, and she was telling me about some fantastic secrets that she would ordinarily not share with anyone, I was almost out of breath as I tried to keep up with the pace of the summary of events that took almost an hour to say. Now what exactly was this words said? It was the story of “A woman’s secret” as written by the amiable Toyin Adon Abel.

As I sat down at the corner, fixing my eyes on a particular spot on the window reminiscing on what my friend was saying the night before… I was so deeply lost in thoughts, then suddenly, like a thunder bolt, I was awakened by this beauty, I turned and suddenly I could see someone walking in, though I took that corner so that I won’t be disturbed by the flow of traffic, I couldn’t but notice when she came in, arm in arm with this package, I was quite intrigued, and refused to take off my eyes.

Like a Princess possessed by her beauty, she sat down on the seat opposite me, suddenly she opened a package, like a priceless scroll, she brought out this book, and started to read. To my amazement, it was “A Woman’s secret by Toyin Adon Abel”. My heart stopped beating for a little while, I stood there in utter amazement, thinking… this is the book I have been dying to read and here in front of me, is someone so much engrossed in the book that they even made a special package for it in the name of carrying case.

I couldn’t but see the mixture of smiles and tears that rolled through her cheeks as she was engrossed in the book.

Some hours later, when I looked up, she was sparkling with the dazzling of her teeth beaming with smiles and happiness of great accomplishment… I could see from my seat that she had almost reached the end of this great book. I picked up d courage to stand and walk up to her, since I could see the imaginary “Do not disturb sign” taken off by the smiles.

In a low tone, I introduced myself, and to my utter amazement, her response was “I am a Woman’s secret”!!! I couldn’t help but to laugh out my heart and we enjoyed a laugh together… then I dropped the message “May I borrow this book, because I have heard about it, and have seen someone read it with great pleasure”.

Then like a miracle in the wilderness, she opened her bag and out came another gift box, this time wrapped in a golden coloured covering. With a warm smile she said “Happy Birthday”!!!!!.

I was taken a back, I couldn’t fathom the whole thing, but she explained that she knows I always come here to relax and she has been a fan of my blogs, she did a little research and knew my birthday, and decided to take a chance…. What else could I say, but silently I thanked God for a wish come true.

Now I will tell you the rest when I am done with this book… I have heard a lot about it, and I am going home now to lock myself in and read it with all my heart.

If you want a copy, just follow here and grab one. If you want to make someone’s day, you can order the book and depending on where you are, you can get free delivery. So set a heart on happiness spree and make someone’s day today by giving them a copy of “A woman’s secret” by Toyin Adon Abel.

A Woman’s Secret:A Story of Life, Love & Tragedy

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