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Are You a MAN Who Needs a Hand? Help is here.

Are you a man frustrated beyond measures? Are you a man going though a Low?No matter the situation you are in now, something can be done. Find HELP Here!
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The Society expects the man to be perfect example for all. The man is always expected to be STRONG and carry out his duties in the home.

But life is no respecter of Strength, nighter is it a respecter of ‘Strong Long thing’.

Many Men are hurting, many are dying in silence and cannot speak out because they are afraid to be labeled as “weaklings” by the Society.

Dear Brothers, it is better to be labeled as a weakling and be alive and healthy, than to be labeled Brave and die in silence.

Dear Man:Reach out for Help

It is better to reach out to someone and cry your heart out, than to be a strong man with a strong long thing, and die of frustration and unfulfillment.

  • Contemplating Suicide?:  Death by suicide can be prevented if noticed on time.
  • Frustrated?: Death by frustration can be prevented if noticed on time.
  • Domestic Violence?: Death by Domestic Violence can be prevented if noticed on time.
  • Heartbreak?:   Death by Heartbreak can be prevented if noticed on time.
  • Much Anger?: Death by Anger can be prevented if noticed on time.

No matter the situation you are in now, something can be done.
Maybe you are frustrated beyond measures? Something can still be done.
Going though a Low time could be hard? BUT Something can still be done.

Are you in the process of jumping into the bottle of liquor, just to hide and escape all the worries of this World, or are you already entangled in the bottle? You are not alone, someone is waiting to pick you up from that state, and hold your hands till you can smile and laugh again.

Has your manhood been seriously questioned? We have extra pairs of hands to help you hold onto your God given position.
Has your Authority and position in your home been challenged and threatened? Just relax, we’ve got your back. We can help build you up again and regain your rightful position.

Has your trust been battered, broken and trampled upon? We will hold your hands until you get the necessary support and healing.

The Mind of a Man

The mind of a man goes though lot of things on a daily basis, but be rest assured that we are here to lend a helping hand.

We would not judge you, but will listen and together we will workout the ways that would suite your healing and recovery process.

You cannot do it alone, and we cannot do it alone also. We need you as much as you need us, so let’s come together and in one accord, and restore the dignity of Our Manhood.

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