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We do not represent ANY Religion or Denomination, but stand with Christ in His Words and Teachings.Our job is to help you discover these Visions that God has put in you, and channel you to the right direction towards achieving them.Run with the Vision at

Happiness is a State of mind that comes from within.

It is not magical nor wishfull thinking. Happiness is cultivated, nurtured and bears fruits.

“The mere performance of a ceremony does not bring happiness and a successful marriage.

Happiness does not come by pressing a button, as does the electric light; happiness is a state of mind and comes from within.…


Submission to your husband does not in any way diminish you as a woman, but show your level of understanding of what marriage should be. Must Wives Submit?

Are you a man frustrated beyond measures? Are you a man going though a Low? No matter the situation you are in now, something can be done. Find HELP Here!

Before you go to bed each day, think about the number of Young persons you have influenced positively that day. Let's teach you how to influence Young minds.

Marriage is not a testing ground for children. Its either you are In or Out. Is it possible to be married but your two hearts live in two separate worlds?

Does it matter if Men respect themselves or not? Should a Man be made to account for his actions in his own home? How is a man expected to act in his home?