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We do not represent ANY Religion or Denomination, but stand with Christ in His Words and Teachings.Our job is to help you discover these Visions that God has put in you, and channel you to the right direction towards achieving them.Run with the Vision at

If a wife is sure not to show respect to her husband in the presence of her daughter, she should as well, show her daughter the ways to her husband's bed..

Do you need Inspiration? Relax and let Inspiration ejaculate (into your mind), fresh ideas that swims faster, looking for the best and fertile eggs..

When Was The Last Time You Opened Your Bible? Is this a VERY Hard question? Do you think that your Daily Devotional is same as your Bible? Find out How...

Your Dressing says a lot about you. So If you are going to church, would the dress be fit for purpose? Would the dress not be a distraction for someone?

Never underestimate the Power of a Woman with a Prayer and a Plan. She is more powerful than Dynamite, closer to the heart of the Creator and ..Find out more

We have become accustomed to demonism that we attribute everything that happens inside a church including sleeping during sermon to be demonic. Find out why