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We do not represent ANY Religion or Denomination, but stand with Christ in His Words and Teachings.Our job is to help you discover these Visions that God has put in you, and channel you to the right direction towards achieving them.Run with the Vision at

I have given up on Christians. Why have I given up on Christians? What led to this? Find out and search your heart if you are not part of the causes.

'wives submit to your husbands' and 'husbands love your wives and be not bitter against them.' Don't be an illiterate christian, Always quote God right.

Anointing attracts the good and the bad. I rarely blame Pastors when they sin. They are as human as I am. So how can we help Pastors minimise their sins?

Marriage is a Powerful Union. Before you make up your mind to get married, have a rethink. Marriage is not a Bed of Roses neither is it a den of Lions.

Praise is Never Praise until you understand how to Praise God. You can’t Praise God without asking yourself some pertinent Questions on how best to approach God in Praise.

This is a Book Review of Andrew G. Marshall's "I Love You but I'm Not in Love with You: Seven Steps to Saving Your Relationship". I will recommend this book to anyone who wants to add oil to their Relationship.