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Nowhere in the Bible, having been baptised by the Holy Spirit did JESUS Christ or His Disciples pray that their enemies should die. Yet if you step on some Christian’s foot today, you would need goat and ram to ask for forgiveness so that they don’t pray you dead..

Borrowing for a Living -

“Often times we borrow the money we don’t have, to buy the things we don’t need, to oppress the people that don’t care all in the name of competition”…

Recently I have been coming across literature and articles that talk about spending, more spending and excess spending; why I am so sensitive to these articles is unknown to me… maybe the LORD is trying to tell me something either about myself or about the world around me, but I tell you consumerism/borrowing is something that is taking over the economy right now despite the economic situation and all the _ish about global depression.…


Best Time for a Relationship - www.visionhub.orgWe have been talking about a Series on Relationship. We started with “Let’s Talk Relationship: Can Christian Be In A Relationship?“, we also talked about some Few questions you need to ask yourself before considering relationships.

After that, we looked at  Part 2 of the Let’s Talk Relationship Series, with a touch on The Underpinning Consequences Of Relationships.…


Consequenses of Relationship - www.visionhub.orgOn the Continuation of our Series on “Let’s Talk Relationship: Can Christian Be In A Relationship?we present to you – Let’s Talk Relationship 2 – The Underpinning Consequences Of Relationships.

Seasons greeting to all who are reading this!…


Earlier on in our first series of: Let’s Talk Relationship: Can Christian Be In A Relationship?, We got to an understanding that –

You cannot successfully carry out a commitment or vow with some-other person that the LORD has not ordained for you.


Well, here we go again… some of us are probably fed up talking about relationships and all. I used to feel that way as well, cos I kept on asking, isn’t there anything more important to deal with other than relationships and sex, but don’t let us deceive or be deceived about critical matters like this… Once you are approaching adulthood… relationship, love and sexual desires would be approaching you too… that’s life, it’s left for you to deal wisely with it.…