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Hey, before you get pissed at this post, hear me out. No person is more anointed than the other, none can see the future, none can save their own lives...

Is your Marriage hitting the Rocks because of Submission? What's Your interpretation of Submission in Marriage? Find out what others think of Submission....

When we speak against pseudo con men using religion to gather and assimilate wealth and prospering while their subjects suffer, it is because we have an example in Christ.

Inspired by Olufunmilayo Yusuf Odunaike Fasting my problems away.

So I go to Giwa Samosangudu. A renowned prophet. I tell him my problems. He advices I come under the cover of anointing. Together we shall be indulging in a 3 day rolling fast.…


Someone or a group is the problem you face: you must take responsibility. You must discard that thinking. Be a master of your destiny.

You can fast and pray your way to prosperity: unless you are in the religious line discard that.…


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