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Ademola H. Adigun is a Man of Great Wisdom. He has allowed His Wisdom to be published on this platform. I pray you will be Blessed as you read his works, and please leave a comment and also share, so others can be Blessed.

Sandra and I have been having some great Fun, until her Rat come into the picture. Please Sandra, how did we get here naked and all rat out.

The Game of deceit is sweet. Sisi decided to play Bobo and Bobo played Sisi. Find out How Bobo and Sisi managed to Game each other and if they succeeded.

When is it time to Divorce? The Christian Bible makes divorce an anathema. Has only one condition. Adultery! Is this enough to let go of your relationship?

The biggest Enemy mitigating against Your Success is You. Yes think about it. No one succeeds by looking outwards. Why in any case do ancestors only have curses? Think Think...

Fearing the future is normal. Dealing with that fear is the trick. How do you deal with Fear in order to utilise the advantages of the Principal of Abundance?

Domestic Violence is Deadly. If you fall a victim of Domestic Violence, assert yourself. Shout and scream for help. Nothing is worth your life or esteem.