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Ademola H. Adigun is a Man of Great Wisdom. He has allowed His Wisdom to be published on this platform. I pray you will be Blessed as you read his works, and please leave a comment and also share, so others can be Blessed.

Adultery is permissible in Nigeria. No one really frowns at it. Many mothers in law will hush their married daughters if she makes a lot of noise on it. Questions such as "Is he maltreating you?

Religion as an Insurance Policy. Many are religious from the fear factor. The books of all religions that I have read promote fear as a factor for belief. Why is this so?

A very attractive concept in Christianity to me is Compassion. Compassion is not only giving. It is feeling and acting from that feeling. It is being there.

The worst place to be poor is in the soul. A poor soul is never content or satisfied. It wants more. It is like Hell: insatiable. is your Soul Poor?