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The Ultimate Fixer is alive. Instead of sojourning into the abyss of endless questions without answers, you should cast your cares upon the ultimate Fixer.

Excuses does not work. History is replete with the fact that quick fix always end up in disaster, so do not build Excuses as a way out.

You cant fight battles for God. Stop killing innocent people in the name of God. God is never a Killer!

How can anyone choose to be wicked and evil? There is so much Evil in this World, but then it is NOT too Late to have a change of heart. Evil is Evil!

In a faraway land were two peaceful kingdoms. The land was filled with people of diverse hues…good, bad and ugly just like what we see daily in our daily lives. The land was governed by a caring and responsible king; he loves his people and his family is very supportive as well.…


Why do you need another Spouse? Or should we be asking - Why not? Why don’t you have another spouse? Why remain in hell on Earth? find out how...