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Marriage is a legally or formally recognised Union of two people as partners in a personal relationship, especially a Union between a man and a woman.

When God created man in the Garden of Eden and found out that he was lonely, he specifically made the woman as a source of comfort and as a helper to him.…


Before we discuss the word ATTITUDE it will be nice also if we first of all define the word ATTITUDE.

But believe that the definition of ATTITUDE comes in different ways e.g
There is the definition of ATTITUDE based on character and there is definition of ATTITUDE towards work and life.…


Money, the issuance, use and handling of money in Christendom is one of the very sensitive topics that almost all Christians tends to shy away from.

The tension and fear may however be as a result of the fact that the issue of money has really taken over the Church and this has either misled most Christina or made a lot of Churches to deviate from the Biblical teachings and practicalities of handling money.…


Culture and dance are very unique thing in Africa. How important is Culture to Us, and how do we preserve these cultures for our unborn children?

Should Christians be advised to get involved in politics? Should we abandon the affairs of Politics in the hands of people cannot even trust themselves? What’s your take on Christians and Politics?

Should Pastors be allowed to take the Church for a ride? Should Pastors do whatever pleases them? How has the Church and the Pastor come down to this level?