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I was married to my Ex Husband for 6 years but because he was not meeting up and was constantly in financial problems, my family encouraged me to divorce him.


You are created with skills that are in the inside of you. You need to work on yourself to be able to sharpen, polish and train these skills to make them shine forth.

This video is a good example of what you can do with your talents.…


A wife suspected the husband of having illicit affair aka sex with their house maid. One day she decided to punish her husband by setting a trap for him.

She set a trap for the husband by sending the maid to the village for the weekend without telling the husband or any member of the house.…


When a woman loves a man, she is more like a Slave to her Love. When a Woman closes her mind to Love, FEAR GOD!!

Can I trust my husband again, after he impregnated his Ex-Girlfriend and blamed the devil, and has refused to acknowledge his faults. Help, I am confused..

The Blessings Of Men’s Boxers is so mighty that it could develop into a romantic morning sickness.

A friend said that she can remember clearly the day and circumstances leading to the conception of their only child (after three years of trying for a baby).…