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Relationship is everything. Building concrete Relationship takes time. How do you manage work Relationship? Have you mastered hanging out with the Bosses?

Living in the e-Generation can be a little daunting. How do you draw a line between the Use of Social Media and your physical relationships.

Bridging the Divides is one of the easiest things to do if we follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ made Bridging the Divides as part of His life.

No one knows the functions of a microphone better than the manufacturer. If you need sight, speak to Him who gives sight and hey!! lets see what He can do..

When the lion roars the birds don't sing. When the lion roars animals don't dance. Child of the Lion, Do you know your Identity?

Most of us have an erroneous conception of love as being cuddly mushy... no love is fierce. Remember the chivalrous knights of old they FOUGHT to keep the Princess.