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Before Marriage, learn to Keep Your butterflies Controlled

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Marriage is a Powerful Union. Before you make up your mind to get married, have a rethink. Marriage is not a Bed of Roses neither is it a den of Lions.

I am going to say this to my fellow singles. If you are married deal with your choice, and I hope you made a good one.
Pls stop being sentimental about marriage. Like every successful merger. You play to win, so why not make it a yes yes negotiation??

Amanda’s wise words on Marriage

Before you marry. Please check the following and keep those butterflies Controlled.

  1. Make sure your partner is self sufficient and capable of learning: if he or she is teachable. People don’t change because you said so, so if you see characteristics/traits/behaviours/mannerism you cannot cope with, don’t manage, yes nobody is perfect but choose your battles wisely. You don’t have to marry or be in any Marriage, just Date and go please.
  2. Your in laws should respect you: They don’t have to love you all the time but their respect for you is not negotiable. Trust me love fades but respect will sustain you.
  3. Check the family for curses, generational diseases, wife battery, crass upbringing, recurring behavioral pattern,  mental illness and never do well history, etc. I know this new generation pastors tell you it has been washed away by the blood and old things have passed away. It is a fat lie. Blood is thicker than diesel.
  4. If there are too many ITk, jobless people, drama queens, drama kings, abeg think again.
  5. Know the dos and don’t of their communities: If he comes from a community, where giving your parents and siblings stuff without his permission result to death. Think well. If she comes from a community that dedicate children to a fat snake, think. If the have funny widow practice, or someone dies when the woman commits adultery, then think again oh.
  7. Your Pastors will tell you the rest, take it serious. If you must marry be sensible about it. You don’t owe anybody love or your hand in marriage. Be objective about it do what’s best for you. For the sake of everyone and nobody.
 I am going to say this to my fellow singles. If you are married deal with your choice, and I hope you made a good…

Always remember these wise words on Marriage, go check them out.

Written by Amanda Chisom

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