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Biblical Roll-Call of the Men of Faith

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As we continue to analyse and examine some of the personalities among the Roll-call of the men of Faith, let us see other Biblical Men that the Bible referred to as Men of Faith”


4.   ABRAHAM (Hebrew 11:8, Romans 4, Genesis 12)
For Abraham, faith is:
ð Having total submission to the WILL of God.
ð Doing away with a life of SIN, wickedness, all forms of traditions, etc, and turning to God.
ð Totally separating yourself from everything that will make you SIN against God.
ð Giving what is most valuable, precious to you.
ð Not giving up on a promise, even when no solution is near.
ð Not giving up on yourself, even when everyone has given up on you.
ð Saying it is well, when actually it is NOT WELL!.
The Question is:
(a.) Can you give your best to God?
(b.) Are you truly separated from the World?
(c.) Do you believe that God can make a way out of your present situation?


5.   MOSES (Hebrews 11:23)
For Moses, faith is:
ð Leaving slavery to Freedom.
ð Leaving the comfort zone to a place of discomfort.
ð Confronting the powers of evil, enemies.
The Question is:
(a.) Do you believe that God would path the RED Sea in your life, for you to pass-over to your promised land?


Faith must be –Expressed, Acted, Said, so that you would get what you want.
Let’s begin to put FAITH in action, so that we can have the same blessings as our Fathers of Old. Amen!

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