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Borrowing In Relation To Consumerism In A Nutshell

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Borrowing for a Living -

“Often times we borrow the money we don’t have, to buy the things we don’t need, to oppress the people that don’t care all in the name of competition”…

Recently I have been coming across literature and articles that talk about spending, more spending and excess spending; why I am so sensitive to these articles is unknown to me… maybe the LORD is trying to tell me something either about myself or about the world around me, but I tell you consumerism/borrowing is something that is taking over the economy right now despite the economic situation and all the _ish about global depression. Global recession?! Yeah right!!

I read the above quote on a blog site of a friend, it was a comment someone had made on the site (The Coolest Mistake I Ever Made) and it made so much sense! Gosh, the number of irrelevant things people do with borrowed money. The worst of it all is that, these same borrowers find it hard to return the money they had borrowed; I believe it becomes hard to repay the money borrowed especially when the money was spent on an unnecessary purchase or want: meaning, the money was not fruitful and did not yield positive results.

“The wicked borrows but does not pay back, but the righteous is generous and gives; Psalm 37:21”

 Borrowing comes in different forms, take for example: bill pay phones, the company tells you to take the phone and use it while you pay monthly for it (including top-ups and extra-cost) until full payment is sorted. Does that not ring a bell? Isn’t that strategy similar to the ones used by financial institutions and banks when they lend money to people? You borrow the money and you pay ‘with’ interest on a regular basis till all the payment is sorted.

Well in this case, you borrow the phone and you pay regularly probably on a monthly basis till all payment is done and dusted but one question I ask though:

  • Does a person need a phone they can’t immediately afford to pay full amount for?
  • What happened to all other cheaper phones that could be also as useful as the very expensive ones?
  • What exactly do you need in the expensive ones that are not already in the cheaper phones?

People say: smartphones are for dumb people, I would describe dumb people in this case as those who go out of their way to buy what they do not need all for showmanship and competition.

“FINE! If you have the money to pay for it, you are grand, but don’t go pursuing what you can’t afford immediately”

Why would someone buy something with the intention to pay for it in the future?

  • Do you know what the future holds for you?
  • Do you know where you would be in the next minute, hour or even second?

Why plunge yourself into something you can’t totally guarantee??? This still baffles me a lot. I have found myself in this situation before, yet it is not hypocritical for me to talk about it as I have learnt my lesson and intend to work smart next time rather than to be ‘the fool’ for the economy.

These are my personal opinion, what are your? Don’t be shy, air your view(s).

Remember – Miracles never happen when you Borrow!


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