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Christianity is incomplete

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Now you must be wondering why this kind of heading, well let me tell you now that: Christianity is incomplete without God (Luke 4: 1 – 15)

After Jesus finished His fasting, the devil tempted Him, but for the wisdom of God in Jesus (who is God’s Wisdom personified), never allowed Him to be distracted and this is why the devil could not get Him.

ð  So if we want to operate in the same reign / power that Jesus operated, we need to know how to counter the devil, when he comes with his temptations.


For us as Christians to have access to operate in this same power that Jesus has, and exercise it in our lives, we need to return in the power of His (God) glory. Because, it is only when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you have no power to operate.


Power of Operation

Even the closest people that were with Jesus on Earth – His disciples, could not operate or exercise their powers until Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to empower them. Acts 2: 1-4.


We must differentiate between STRENGTH and POWER

Until Power came upon the Apostles, they couldn’t do much. Peter went back a-fishing after the death of Jesus, until Jesus rose from the death, and empowered him, he could not do anything.

Peter had boldness, power to heal, even so that his shadow healed many. Acts 3 vs. 4 – 7. These were all made possible after the Holy Spirit had empowered him.

ð  No matter what may be going on in your life today, Jesus is telling you today to arise in the power of the Holy Ghost and WALK.

As Christians, we need the Power of God to function. Peter received Power to heal, but the cripple received Strength. As you read this today, I pray that Strength would return to your life. 
People in the old testament operated based on Strength (Samson, etc Judges 16:28 – ), but Jesus came to give usPower. Samson had always relied on his strength to kill the lion etc, but towards the end of his life, he remembered to pray to God.


ð  As Christians, we should not fail to pray. “….for by strength shall no man prevail”.


God wants us to operate in the realm of Power (Spiritual Power) for when you operate on Strength, it’s all physical.

The truth of the matter is that you can not operate in Spiritual Power and suffer shame, hardship, struggles, lack and wants.

ð  Sometimes we don’t know what we posses, until an event occur n your life, to test you on whether you are operating in STRENGTH or POWER.


 …. To be continued….. Christianity is incomplete without God.

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