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Convenant – The Secret of Long Life

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God is a covenant keeping God. Covenant is an agreement between two or more people/beings.

God can make or enter a convenant with Man and Man with God. Man can also enter into a convenant with the devil either knowingly or unknowingly.

Kinds of convenants

  • Convenant between God and man: God made a convenant with Abraham, even though he was an idol worshiper, but because of the convenant he had with God, God enlarged his cost and made his descendants like the dust of the earth.
  • Convenant between Man and fellow man: King David made a convenant with Jonathan, and he kept his words. Ruth also made a convenant with Naomi and she followed her till death.
  • Convenant between Man and God: Jacob entered into a convenant with God. He wrestled with God and declared that He will never leave God until He blesses him, and because of his persistence, God blessed him, and changed his name from Jacob to Israel.
  • Convenant between Man and Satan: Many people go into convenants with the devil both in secret, knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. They do all possible best to keep or live a secret life, but spiritually they are like dead logs of wood. The devils main job on earth is SKD – Steal, Kill and Destroy.

To have life is to:

  • spiritually fulfilled
  • personally fulfilled
  • .. be financially fulfilled
  • mentally fulfilled.

Therefore we should refuse all things that will make us not live a fulfilled life.
The reason David lived a fulfilled life was because he constantly renews his convenant with God. Every time King David sins against God; he always humbles himself before God and asks for forgiveness. Through Praise and prayers, King David constantly renews his convenant with God.

There are two major ingredients that make up our Lives that are very important to God.

  1. The breath we take: According to Genesis 1 Vs 26 – 29; Life began from the Biblical creation. Of all the creatures of God, man is the direct duplicate of god – “in his own image he created man”. Man ONLY became a living being after God breath into him. Thus without the breath of God, we are nothing. What makes’ a man Great are not the earthly possessions, but the breath of God he has in him.
  2. The Blood that runs through our veins and arteries: According to Leviticus 17 vs 11; “The life of a Creation is in the blood”. Blood is so precious to God.

These two elements are very vital to a human being, and what the enemy wants is to take either of it from you. But the bible has already given us a forewarning about the situation, thus we need to be extreme vigilant and constantly renew our convenants with God always.

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