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Courage – The Act To The Miraculous

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When we talk about courage, the mind immediately roams to the act of bravery or heroic acts and moments.

Courage encompasses more than just being heroic but also about who we are and what we are and also those little ways we try to live our lives and sharing our experiences (both good and bad) to strengthen the faith of someone or lead someone to the straight and narrow way.

As part of the June 2013 Synchroblog – Ordinary Courage, I am going to discuss some of the men and women of the Bible times and in our present World, whose lives have been a source of Courage to us.

…… but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits (Daniel 11:32). The word courage cannot be mentioned without complimenting it with exploits.

Courage – The Act To The Miraculous

As we discuss about Courage, we will understand that:

These any many more are the things we will be considering in this edition of the June 2013  Synchroblog.

No matter what we discuss about Courage, if you do not know God through His Son Jesus, your courage will be mere waste of time, because the Holy Spirit – Our Comforter would not be able to direct you in what to do.

It takes Courage to have a Miracles, because you must first believe in God and in what He has said about you, for you to have a miracle in your life.

Without Courage, it’s impossible to have faith and thus it’s impossible to see God. Do not let God down.

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