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Covenant Of Life

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Text: Psalms ch34 vs1-10.

Covenant is an agreement between two people or more, God can make covenant with a man, a man with another man and finally a man with the devil.
An example of God with man covenant: An example is the covenant between God and Abraham and God and David.
An example of Man with God covenant: An example is Jacob made a covenant to God on his journey,the lord came to Jacob in a dream where he saw Angels ascending and descending and God spoke to him.
An example of covenant between Man and the devil: A good example is people in occultic world, they take oaths with the devil and they parpertuaite evil.
To have life is to be physically fulfilled
To have life is to be spiritually fufilled
To have life is to be mentally fulfilled
To have life is to be intellectually fulfilled.
The reason David lived so long was because he went to God to always renew his covenant with God, through praises and prayer.
The major ingredient to our life are breathe of life and blood. We are nothing without the breathe of God.
  1. Seek God always Ps ch34 vs10.
  2. You must free your self from fear Ps ch34 vs 4.the enemy wants to harass you and take hold of your fear.
  3. Look unto God at all times Ps34 vs 5.those who look unto the lord are radiant.
  4. You must fear God always Ps ch34 vs 7.
  5. You must trust in God Ps ch 34 vs 8.Blessed is the man who trusts in the lord

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