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Trust in God

When you Trust God!!….

God does not INVADE into your space, YOU need to INVITE Him for Him to ACT.
No matter the Visions you have, if you do not open up to God and invite Him into your dealings, He will just be there watching you as you struggle.…


Borrowing for a Living -

“Often times we borrow the money we don’t have, to buy the things we don’t need, to oppress the people that don’t care all in the name of competition”…

Recently I have been coming across literature and articles that talk about spending, more spending and excess spending; why I am so sensitive to these articles is unknown to me… maybe the LORD is trying to tell me something either about myself or about the world around me, but I tell you consumerism/borrowing is something that is taking over the economy right now despite the economic situation and all the _ish about global depression.…


Muyiwa & Riversongz UkMuyiwa and Riversongz presents – 12 Nights of Praise and Worship!

Muyiwa and Riversongz crew will be coming to a City near you from March 2013

Some of the Cities are:

Aberdeen, Newcastle, Leeds, Coventry, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Luton, Swansea, Bristol, London.…