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Developing a better Attitude to life.

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Before we discuss the word ATTITUDE it will be nice also if we first of all define the word ATTITUDE.

But believe that the definition of ATTITUDE comes in different ways e.g
There is the definition of ATTITUDE based on character and there is definition of ATTITUDE towards work and life.

ATTITUDE based on character is the one people exhibit when they have a very bad character.

We are going to try to define ATTITUDE based on this different approach.

ATTITUDE: Generally this means a settled way of thinking or feeling about something.

The above is the general definition of ATTITUDE but now it will be important to understand the different meanings of ATTITUDE in their own different ways.

1. ATTITUDE TO  WORK: This is the character that you show or portray towards your job or employer. It might come in a negative way or it might come in a positive way.

In this part it is your ATTITUDE that determines how far or how low you go in your job or with your employer. And to a greater extent I believe that women has a better positive ATTITUDE to work than men.

There are some ATTITUDE that makes you stand out in your workplace and these are

i. Enthusiastic Attitude: When someone is always eager to participate in projects that will benefit the organisation.

ii. Efficient Attitude: This simply means that whenever you are giving a task, you execute it very well and very clean with all honesty.

iii. Excellent Attitude: This is one ATTITUDE that most people lack. This is the ATTITUDE that makes you stand out because you are always believing that good is not good enough.

iv. Early Attitude: In this ATTITUDE I believe everyone has fallen victim in one way or another. When an organisation says is 8am some people will still believe that the CEO is their father so why should I go early.

v. Easy Attitude: making everything in the office look easy. It is not a do or die affair.

The second part we are talking about now is:

2. ATTITUDE TO LIFE: This is where everybody comes in. The way you view life determines how you take life. This can go in two ways either Spiritually or Personally.

Life throws out a lot of things to us and it takes only those who has the right ATTITUDE to really understand it.

Your ATTITUDE to life is everything and once you loose that positive  to life you have lost it all. That is why you see some people will go and hand themselves. Your goal is what you want most deeply out of life, both on general and in any given situation. Dominance and Acceptance are examples.

Each of us has a mental framework which we use to frame our view of life, to give events and experience a consistent meaning. A bad ATTITUDE can kill dreams but a positive ATTITUDE though might be difficult but it will go a long way in achieving dreams.



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