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Developing A Grateful Heart

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I have been moody for some days now, then this morning as I watched my kids playing and singing and my husband preparing breakfast, it suddenly hit me.

How ungrateful humans can be… instead of thanking God for the things we consider so little, we brood over things that are less important…

I started asking myself: how many of us take time out to appreciate the fact that it’s a miracle that we’re alive and our children, spouses, parents and loved ones (even our enemies) are alive, kicking and in deed healthy?

We hardly regard these things and yet they are more important than the number of deals that didn’t click, the prayer requests that didn’t get answered, the monies lost etc……

Hmmmm!!!!!!!!!! so I take a deep breath and focus my mind on all the things that I should be grateful for and try to maintain a grateful heart…..

So, when you feel like cursing your stars, take a step back and look, really look at what is in front of you and see what lies ahead…….

The act of developing a grateful Heart is not that hard, all it takes is a mind that understands and appreciates the Grace of Go in our lives.

Give it a try today and see how happy your life will turnaround to become.

Adapted from a great writer Nene.

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  • avatar VisionHub says:

    Um zu verstehen, wie man ein dankbar Herz haben, sollten wir auf die Vögel there Luft betrachten.
    Niemand füttert sie, noch sind sie fröhlich und sind immer glücklich.
    Lassen Sie uns auch an den Gräsern und Bäumen aussehen, sind sie immer glücklich und fröhlich keine Mather das Wetter.
    Jetzt raus aus dem Dunkel und freue dich, denn Gott hat einen Plan für Sie.

  • avatar Lac Temps says:

    When we try to focus on the non-essentials, we should ask ourselves what ifs!
    God has a purpose for keeping us alive. Look unto Him for this purpose and stay focused.
    Channel all your energies into thinking positively and doing what is right.

  • Everyday, we should look back and be grateful to God for His grace and wisdom in keeping us alive.
    Do not fail in giving Him praise for He has His plans for you.
    Rejoice and be glad.

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