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Divine Turnaround

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This year marks the beginning of another decade, and its my belief that God will give someone a “decade Testimony”.

The beginning of a decade is always the beginning of a new thing. No matter what you are going through, I know that God can turn it around for you.

Men whose Lives were turn around by God.
There are many Men in the Bible Time that God turned around their lives, destiny and everything about them, some of them are:

  1. Abraham: Abraham was an Idol worshiper, but God called Him and turned his life around. He never disobeyed God’s call, and he never looked back.
  2. Moses: Moses was a murderer, but despite his past, God still used him to set his chosen people (Israelites) free from the shackles of bondage.
  3. Rahab: Rahab was a Harlot, but God changed here story from being a Harlot to being a heroine. That was not even the end, Jesus was born in the linage of this woman. (Joshua 2:1-16)
  4. David:  David was murderer and an adulterer, but when God turned around his life, he became the “Man after God’s heart”. What a position and an honour to be made God’s close friend.
  5. Peter: Peter denied Jesus Christ three (3) times, but when God turned his life around, He delivered him, and made him the Head.
  6. Paul: Paul (as Saul), was a murderer, the persecutor of the Church of Christ, but God turned his life around, and he became a great preacher of the Word of God, and saved many souls.
Men of our days, whose lives were turned around:
There are other men that passed through the surface of Earth, who have been through tough times, failures but succeeded.
  • Thomas Edison: This man failed 9,999 times in his experiments, but on the 10,000th time, his experiments of trying to discover electricity (light) became a reality. Today the World can boast of having electricity/electric light bulbs in their homes. Further modifications of electricity are still going on based on the earlier experiments.
  • Bill Gates: Bill Gate’s story cannot be complete without mentioning his early life history. Though he did not finish his University Degree, but today, he is a force in the Information Technology World. The World of Computing can not be complete without mentioning of Bill Gates and Windows™ Operating Systems.
  • Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson: His humble beginning brought him into his blessings and command of Companies. He is one of the best British Industrialists, best know for his Virgin Group Brand, comprising of over 400 Companies.
  • Abraham Lincoln: President Abraham Lincoln lost several elective positions, but at the end because of his persistence, his life was turn around and he was elected as the 16th President of the United States of America.
It doesn’t matter what you have done in the past, but God can turn around your future and situations. It is not yet late for you, the Lord God can still turn your life around.
God has a way of turning situations around, when He comes into any situation, He uses that situation to glorify Himself.
This year is a turn around for you, but hey!!!, God cannot do it without your permission. He needs you to ASK (ask, seek and Knock).
God will put a new song in your mouth!!! Arise and shine for this is a new dawn for you.

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