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Effects Of The Wind of the Holy Spirit

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Major Events to show the actions of the Wind of the Holy Spirit Cont.

We know that the moment the Wind of the Holy Spirit Blows, mighty things happen, so we will continue from our last piece on “Let the Wind of the Holy Spirit Blow“, as summerised below. These are the continuation of the major events that shows the actions of the wind of the Holy Spirit.

  1. You will have Full evidence of answered Prayers.
  2. There would be change from fear to faith in your life.
  3. God will always make a way where there seems to be no way.
  4. There would always be an end to ALL your problems.
  5. Death situation would be changed to Life.
    • When the Wind of the Holy Spirit blows, Death would be changed to Life. Examples abound in the Bible.
    • Exc 14:11-12
    • John 11:25
    • Mark 5:35-43
    • Luke 7:11-15
  6. God will Fight your Battles.
    • When the Wind of the Holy Spirit Blows, God will fight ALL your battles as seen in Exc 14:24-25.
    • God is the controller of ALL the Hosts, when God decides to fight for you, you are rest assured of VICTORY.  (Psalms 68:1-3; Isaiah 41:7-14, Deut. 28:1-7)
    • All your enemies would be taken care of by God, Your own end of the stick is to do the Will of God.
  7. You will sing a new Song.
    • According to Exc 15:1, Israel sang a new song. The night before, they were crying and in fear, but when morning came, they began to sing New Songs.

Do you want to know how You will sing a New song when the Wind of the Holy Spirit Blows or experience The Wind of Change and a Brand New Song? or have a feeling of what happens when you Let the Wind of the Holy Spirit Blow in your Life?, Ok what of the Effects Of The Wind of the Holy Spirit?

What do you think? If you want to experience all these, all you need to do is just believe, accept Jesus as your Lord and personal Saviour and ALL the rest would be added unto you.

God Bless you

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