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The Family is the bedrock of all Relationships.
Get the Family right, and you will enjoy a long lasting relationship.
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Polygamy is as old as this World, because is has been in existence from time immemorial.

Polygamy is the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time.

This type of marriage or Union is not accepted in Christian Religion but other Religions accept it as a norm.…


Viagra can help correct dysfunction in men, the effects can also be deadly and aid in destruction of a home if misused. Then, we ask, should a Christian use Viagra?

Submission to your husband does not in any way diminish you as a woman, but show your level of understanding of what marriage should be. Must Wives Submit?

Are you a man frustrated beyond measures? Are you a man going though a Low? No matter the situation you are in now, something can be done. Find HELP Here!

Before you go to bed each day, think about the number of Young persons you have influenced positively that day. Let's teach you how to influence Young minds.

Marriage is not a testing ground for children. Its either you are In or Out. Is it possible to be married but your two hearts live in two separate worlds?