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The Family is the bedrock of all Relationships.
Get the Family right, and you will enjoy a long lasting relationship.
Join us here for news, views and more on Family and Parenting.


Does it matter if Men respect themselves or not? Should a Man be made to account for his actions in his own home? How is a man expected to act in his home?

If a wife is sure not to show respect to her husband in the presence of her daughter, she should as well, show her daughter the ways to her husband's bed..

Is your Marriage hitting the Rocks because of Submission? What's Your interpretation of Submission in Marriage? Find out what others think of Submission....

Anointing attracts the good and the bad. I rarely blame Pastors when they sin. They are as human as I am. So how can we help Pastors minimise their sins?

Marriage is a Powerful Union. Before you make up your mind to get married, have a rethink. Marriage is not a Bed of Roses neither is it a den of Lions.

Living in the e-Generation can be a little daunting. How do you draw a line between the Use of Social Media and your physical relationships.