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The Family is the bedrock of all Relationships.
Get the Family right, and you will enjoy a long lasting relationship.
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When is it time to Divorce? The Christian Bible makes divorce an anathema. Has only one condition. Adultery! Is this enough to let go of your relationship?

Domestic Violence is Deadly. If you fall a victim of Domestic Violence, assert yourself. Shout and scream for help. Nothing is worth your life or esteem.

Respect is reciprocal, if you don't give respect, never expect respect from same person or persons. If you don't give it, don't dream of getting it from anyone.

My birth mother never gave me love. My stepmother made me who I am and has been there for me. Should my Stepmother handle my wedding or my estranged Mother?

She is a Christian Girl. Yes, the tongue talking, firebrand Christian Girl. One who would never be seen in the Club, yet Our Christian Girl is in the Club

When I stand behind my husband, I have the privilege of having his back. I have the responsibility to guard, to protect, and to defend my husband not my ego. It takes a “new independent woman” to understand that her degree, her bank account, and her goals should be used to help hold down her family, not to inflate her ego.