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The Family is the bedrock of all Relationships.
Get the Family right, and you will enjoy a long lasting relationship.
Join us here for news, views and more on Family and Parenting.


I caught up with a sweet friend of mine and we got gisting. Of interest (to me) was a ‘CHURCHeous’ guy, whose gist she used to regale me with.

You see, she had several HARD LUCK with men and decided to focus more on the CHURCH ONES, whom she presumed to have the fear of God in them.…


Summer time is here again. The time most thighs are toned, the time most bodies are tanned. The time most families take the time out and enjoy the liberty of travelling away from home on summer time breaks around the World.…


Below are the twelve gifts of Birth, which when identified and mastered, will help you in achieving your desired goal(s) in Life.

  1. Strength is the first gift. May you remember to call upon it whenever you need it.
  2. Beauty is the second gift.

Believe me!: Today some people are going to be born, some will sure die, some will fall in Love, Some will fall out of Love. Some people will “Make Love”, some people will hook up and some will find Love.

Some people will fight for Love, some will Win, while some will die while fighting for what they believe is Love.…