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Money, the issuance, use and handling of money in Christendom is one of the very sensitive topics that almost all Christians tends to shy away from.

The tension and fear may however be as a result of the fact that the issue of money has really taken over the Church and this has either misled most Christina or made a lot of Churches to deviate from the Biblical teachings and practicalities of handling money.…


When we speak against pseudo con men using religion to gather and assimilate wealth and prospering while their subjects suffer, it is because we have an example in Christ.

Do you want to know what God told me to tell you? Well, come over and see what God told Ademola Adigun to tell you. Are you still contemplating? Click here.

The biggest Enemy mitigating against Your Success is You. Yes think about it. No one succeeds by looking outwards. Why in any case do ancestors only have curses? Think Think...

Religion as an Insurance Policy. Many are religious from the fear factor. The books of all religions that I have read promote fear as a factor for belief. Why is this so?