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Have You Influenced Someone Positively Today?

Before you go to bed each day, think about the number of Young persons you have influenced positively that day.Let's teach you how to influence Young minds.
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How many Young Persons, Young Mind(s) have you influenced POSITIVELY today? Have You Influenced Someone Positively Today?

Whether you like it or not, there are lots of young people who are looking up to you. Some are looking up to you for guidance, while others look up to you for inspiration and purpose.

Life is a cycle and as an adult, you were once a young person who looked up to someone to get you on the right track.

Every young person is an expert in their chosen field, and there is nothing you can say or do until you learn to become a great Positive influence on them.

Get Influenced or be an Influence

A young person’s mind is a great fertile ground for investment of your time, Money and all. So what is holding you from taking that leap of faith?

Let me assure you that there are great rewards when you have positive Influence in the life of a Young person. You leave memories and indelible marks that are hard to erase.

Now, you may say that you are not an Adult yet, and may not be an influence on any young person. You may also say that you cannot find a young mind to influence.

I won’t call you a liar. I know that these kind of thoughts do come up in our minds sometimes, but just take a deep breath, turn around and see the person beside you, by your left and by your right, in fact see the beautiful Soul standing in front of you.

These are ‘young persons (no matter their age or position), let your mind see them as Young fertile ground to invest your positive influence -get them influenced..

Getting Influenced: How to start.

Just start with a smile to soften the heart, then a simple Hello and how are you can set the ball rolling. Pay a compliment and watch how you turn a weary heart into a merry heart. It’s as simple as ABC, so try not to complicate it.

As you practice these little lines and activities daily, it becomes a part of your life, and you will see the impact in your life too. Remember that life is in cycles, when you give out positive attitude, it attracts positive response and helps you  build your life up.

Have You Influenced Someone Positively Today. Never go a day without finding a life to lead to higher pedestal.

Please let me know as your day goes and what you have done today to influence someone POSITIVELY.


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