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Hey You!: Practice What You Preach

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Practice What You Preach!! This is one of the phrases that many people do not want to hear! But that is the bedrock of Jesus Christ’s teachings on Earth.

Jesus Christ in all His works on Earth, thought us that it is imperative to Practice what You Preach. His life, His works, His all were all about the act of “Practice what You preach”!

Often time people just come to the Church, hear the message but never care to put these great words into action.

Imagine all the things that happen around you that you probably must have known but because of the how you have allowed your heart to be configured lately, you can not practice what you preach.

This world would be a better place if we just sit down and ask ourselves the most eluding questions: Do you Practice what you preach?

Do You Practice what you Preach?

Let me ask you these little questions:

  • That neighbour of yours, whose children go to school with torn school uniforms that cost only five thousand Naira (5k), have you changed it for them?
  • That your friend who just flashed you because he didn’t have just Twenty Naira (N20) mobile phone airtime, have you sent N200 airtime to him ?
  • That your office colleague who didn’t go for lunch today because he is broke, did you share yours with him?
  • Those numerous expensive and exotic shirts in your wardrobe that you have not touched for the past one year, have you thought of given all or some of them out to people who’ll wear them everyday, because its d be the only one they’ve got ?
  • That girl that sells recharge card to you everyday, do you even know her name?
  • Do you know your gate man may not have taken his bath with soap this morning because he couldn’t afford to buy N30 lux soap?
  • Do you know that your cleaner’s child’s balanced diet is flat pap (ogi/akamu without sugar or milk etc), morning, afternoon, night. Have you bought her a tin of baby milk ?
  • To you my friends who are very fond of sending “silly” and psychologically draining Blackberry Messenger (BBM) messages telling me about how Jesus loves me and threatening me with fire and brimstone if I don’t re-broadcast wahala go burst.

Listen, I already know that Jesus loves me, infact I am very close to Jesus and He is my Lord and personal Saviour, I don’t need a reminder.

Try and SHOW folks around you Jesus’ love on a daily basis and you’ll see God in action in your life. You think mere punching a button on your expensive phone inside your air-conditioned office or going to buy expensive gifts for your “brotherly and sisterly friends” or  People who already have more than enough, means God’s love? Nope, I don’t think so.

Help someone today and practice what you preach!!!! You need to show some commitment to the Word of God. You cant Practice what you preach if you do not have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Think and think again!

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  • The grace of God come faster when we do what we ask others to do. What is the need of an anointing when the oil can not out-flow to other parts of your life and affect others around you positively?

  • Our God is gracious and merciful. It is highly important for all believers to have hearts of thanksgiving. Always let our thanks be more than our requests, His mercy endures forever. Halleluyah!

  • Uhmmmmm……….. Food4thought.

  • avatar Lac Temps says:

    The days of Double mindedness and living a double live are over.

    Let your live be the epistle that people will see and come to know God!

  • Its time we all stop deceiving ourselves and looking for "Blessings and recognition" from the high places.
    Practice what you preach, Help the needy that is closest to you, and not just the people at the "glass house" or up there in the high echelon of the society.

    Don't tell me that Jesus Loves me if the only thing I have is Garri to soak and you are putting pounded Yam and FULL PLATE of left over soup into the bin.

    Don't preach to me about Christ if your children are in the best schools home and abroad and your neighbour's child is sent back from school because of mere five hundred Naira (N500) and you can afford to pay it 100 times for them, but refuses.

    For God to continue blessing Us, it's time to really sit down and ask Ourselves if at all We practice what we preach.

  • avatar VisionHub says:

    Imagine what it would have been like, when we become our Brothers' keeper!

    This world would be a better place if we just sit down and ask ourselves the most eluding questions: Do you Practice what you preach?

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