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How has the Church and the Pastor come down to this level?

Should Pastors be allowed to take the Church for a ride?Should Pastors do whatever pleases them?How has the Church and the Pastor come down to this level?
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The Church, the Body of Christ on Earth, is a vital Institution ordained by God through Jesus Christ. Jesus had 12 Disciples while on Earth. Before He ascended into Heaven, He admonished Peter to take care of His flocks – the Church.

The Bible in John 21:17, shows the specific Instructions that Jesus Christ gave to Peter about His flock, to Love, tender to their needs and take full care of them.

Peter, with the help of fellow Disciples and the Church, showed great leadership and did all these with all happiness, love and understanding. He also made the Holy Spirit his source of Instructions, comforter and great channel to God through Jesus Christ.

Peter, thought to be the first Pastor of the early Church, took care of the Church of Christ, helping the needy and giving his life when the need arose.

The common man has always found peace in the Church, a place where hope abides, even when all hope seems lost. It is also a place where you find Spiritual strength when you feel depressed. The church which is the Body of Christ, is one that shares the burden of its members. and help each to stand as shown in Acts 5:1-5.

The Church of Old and the Church Today.

It is not hard to understand that the early Church had lots of things in common. They shared all they had together, the Apostles never cheated anyone in the sharing, they always shared their things equally and in common irrespective of where or how it came about.

The Church – the body of Christ, stood by each other during the early years of persecution of Christians, without fear or favour, praying for one another. When one person had any problem it became a general problem for the Church.

Apostle Paul, a lawyer and a Roman citizen, never for one day saw himself as been superior to the others, and diligently carried out his duties.

Fast forward today, what do we have? Has the World gradually taking over the The Church? In all fairness, it seems that Godliness has been diluted by worldliness. 1 Timothy 6:10, has now become a reality.

Today we have Pastors who have become very politicized, Pastors whose private estates are more important to them than the Body of Christ.

Dear Pastor, has it come to this?

We have many Pastors whose privates schools do not have space for the poor in the Society, prompting many to believe that they do not care at all about the poor man and even women in their congregation.

In today’s Church, many Pastors focus has shifted to money, more money and politics, thus care less about the sheep they are meant to Shepherd and protect.

We have many Churches that built schools that are never affordable by the poor in their Congregation and yet they do not give scholarships to these members.

Many Pastor focus more on the money that comes from Offerings, Tithes, Seed of faiths etc. Where does these monies come from, if not from the same congregations?

They fly private jets, their children attends well secured schools abroad and live there and yet their local congregants suffer in silence. Yet they (Pastors) still speak in tongues and lay hands on whose authority. Are all these mere deceit?

As a young Bible Scholar, I was told that Divorce was never an option in Church. But today, we have Pastors who not only approves of divorce, but Pastors who have divorced their Spouses. We also have lots of Pastors who are believed to be promiscuous, sleeping with their married members, etc.

Should this Institution – The Church believe everything that its pastors say again? Should Pastors be allowed to take the congregation for a ride? Are Pastors allowed to do whatever pleases them?

How has the Church and the Pastor come down to this level? Let me have your views.
Thank you.

Written by: Onyekachi Godswill Isinguzo

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