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The milk of Godly WiFi Network Connection

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I see God like a WiFi Network Connection. Some are PRIVATE, some are RESTRICTED, while some are OPEN connection.

In the PRIVATE connection you may need an access code to enter and browse free.

In most RESTRICTED WiFi Network Connection, you may gain access to the network, but it may be full/unlimited access, or Limited access, and all your activities are most often subject to interference by the Network Administrator.

In some Open WiFi Network Connection, you gain 100% access to the Network and is free to roam about, browse and utilise the power of the WiFi Network Connection, but there is always this “Fair Use Policy and Privacy Policy” guiding your FREE usage of such services. And most often, your Privacy they say is NOT GUARANTEED.

Does God Guarantee your WiFi Network Connection?

In God, who is the main Network that gives out all these wired and WiFi Network Connection, you are sure to have your Privacy maintained and your access unrestricted, except if you chose to use your personal firewall (SIN) to restrict your connection or block off some links to God all in the name of protecting your hardware (BODY), despite the fact that your Firmware (MIND) is always connected via the Connectivity Protocols (SOUL) assigned to you by the Network Administrator.

Jesus Christ on the other Hand has the overall WiFi Network Connection Administrative Password. He is the Ultimate Fixer; He approves the Connectivity, and gives the protocols: Http, https, ftp, etc on which one can be connected to the Ultimate Network – God.

When you have problems with your WiFi Network Connection or your system is invaded by Virus, who do you call?

Do you call the CEO or the Network Administrator or the Company you bought your system from (Parents) or a Qualified Technical Personnel attached to your Area (The Holy Spirit).

Remember His contact is always close by, either shown on your screen or etched somewhere in your system, all you need to do is FIND it and save it before it is too late.

If God is your WiFi Network Connection Provider, how would your WiFi Network Connection security be? Would you love your Privacy or an Open Connection?

Let me hear from you.

Written by Loveday Anyim
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