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Explosive: I have given up on Christians.

I have given up on Christians. Why have I given up on Christians? What lead to this? Find out and search your heart if you are not part of the causes.
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Why have I given up on Christians but still holding on to Christ? Why have I given up on Christians/Christianity but still write about Christianity and maintain a Christian blog?

Yes because I want to be able to show other Christians who are still living under the bondage of Church Doctrines the way of escape.

I have given up on some Christian leaders who knowingly mislead the less knowledgeable in order to either satisfy their gross ego, or satisfy their lust for prominence.

I have given up on many Christian leaders who are turning their adherent followers into zombies and regulating their spirituality and spiritual connection with self, body and their spirits.

I have given up on most Christian leaders who have refused to let their adherent followers, (those ones who can give their lives in worshiping and defending their leaders, congregation and Leadership, those who see nothing wrong in the way, manner and lifestyles of their leaders) understand the difference between their personal opinions, personal/organisational opinions, personal/organisational Doctrines and the word of God.

I am tired of most Christian leaders who have unresolved issues in their personal lives, family, business, yet they force their adherent followers to be subject to their teachings, thoughts, advice etc., without recourse to their sensitivity and natural remorse.

I have given up on some Christian leaders who have become too authoritative that their members have been subjected to become wired and remote-controlled forces ready to die at the bidding of their puppet masters.

I have given up on many Christian Leaders cum Rulers who have turned their adherent followers into their personal objects of gratification, teaching and insisting that their personal ideologies and most cases personalised Congregational Doctrines supersedes the Word of God, and not being able to separate self from Organisational goals.

I am tired of some Christian Leaders who have made Church and other Christian Organisations/Congregations to become like franchise and personal Business, where returns are made monthly, annually and frequently to the Franchise owners. This has necessitated the fall of many people who had hitherto believed in giving for the cause of Christ and furtherance of the Word of God to become less convinced and concerned in doing so, and stand the danger of losing their humanity and the Natural Blessings that comes with giving.

I have given up on Christians and many things that Greed, Self-centeredness, self-aggrandisement, self-praise and high-handedness has pushed many Christian Leaders to become Lords of their Organisation/Congregations. They have become so less-connected to reality that various misdeeds are now done in the form of miracles etc.

Are you saved? Have you also given up on Christians?

I am more tired and have given up on many Christians who are still insane, working and walking on the undiluted path of the Word of God who have become less concerned with what is happening in the Christendom. They have become diluted salts and tuned-down lamps. They have decided to only light up their personal surroundings, and let the darkness overpower anyone and anything outside the radius of their choice.

These are dangerous times, and if undiluted Christians cannot speak out and condemn the acts of a few who have made and turned Christianity into Personal Business and Money making ventures, then they are creating a vacuum for evil to develop and multiply.

I believe that before Christ Jesus became angry and chased away the sellers and traders at the Temple in Jerusalem, there was a trending tradition of selling and trading at that Temple.

Jesu Christ must have heard about it, became so angry that it became visible when He entered the Temple – Matthew 21:12, John 2:15.

Christians needs to BECOME ANGRY AND VISIBLY SHOW IT and help drive or flog away these Traders and charlatans parading themselves as Shepherds.

Its time many speak out and help curb these evils, or else, the few good ones would also become evil and lead many astray.

What are you tired of/ what experiences have you had in Christianity and Most Christian Leadership that has made you contemplate on giving up?

Have you given up on Christians/Christianity? Why do you think so?

Let’s have your views. Do not be afraid of saying your mind, someone somewhere may read your views and get saved. If that happens, you have gained a heart and head for God, and the Angels will keep rejoicing and praising god for that.

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