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Book Review: I Love You but I’m Not in Love with You

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Falling in Love is one thing, while being in Love is another kettle of fish. How then do you maintain the balance between falling in Love and Living/being in Love with the one you have fallen in Love with?

Many Relationships have been empty because those involved have been living in the illusion that they are in Love with each other. Yes they may be confessing to love each other and be in Love with each other, but do not Love each other. Quite confusing ehh?

Do you Love your Love?

How then can you account for someone telling you that they Love you but in actual sense, they are not in love with you. Now we are not talking about that kind of love that exists between brothers and sisters or between siblings and families, but the Love that exists between two people in a Relationship (sexual or otherwise).

Once you are in Love and fell out of Love, How do you fall back in love? This seems a hard knock, but for Andrew G. Marshall, a Relationship Therapists, this is easy.

Andrew G. Marshall has over the years found out through his series of Relationship Therapy sessions that many Couples have increasingly described their relationships in the form of ‘I love you but I’m not in love with you’.

This he found out is now on the increase. Many “Relationships are gradually becoming defined more by companionship than by passion”. Why then was companionship no longer enough in Relationships? He questioned.

What the Book Can Offer

In this book, Andrew G. Marshall, teaches on how individuals can devise ways to understand themselves, communicate with each other, take responsibility of their mistakes, share love, thereby strengthen their bond and recover that lost magic in their Relationship(s).

I must stress that No Relationship is the Best. There must be ups and downs in every relationship, but how you handle their problems, mood swings etc. matters a lot.

I will highly recommend this book to anyone who thinks they have a perfect Relationship, I will also recommend this book to anyone who wants to be honest with themselves and really wants to make their Relationship to be the best.

Please grab a copy of this book and if possible, read it with your Spouse or your Partner, it would save you a lot of headaches and heartaches.

About the Author of Seven Steps to Saving Your Relationship

“Andrew G. Marshall is the UK’s best-known marital therapist and writer on relationships. He regularly writes for The Mail on Sunday, Psychologies and magazines around the world. He has also appeared on programmes such as the Lorraine Kelly Today and the Chris Evans Show on BBC Radio 2. The Guardian has described his work as ‘wonderfully comforting’ and ‘I feel light headed and giggly as if someone has just made sense of me’ and the Evening Standard as ‘insightful’. As well as books, Andrew runs regular workshops and is a much sort after Speaker.”

I Love You but I’m Not in Love with You: Seven Steps to Saving Your Relationship is available in and

Written by Loveday Anyim
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