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I will NEVER love my Enemy!

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My enemy/enemies are at work! God will kill all my enemies. Let my enemy die. Let God arise and let my enemies/enemy scatter. I hear so many people proclaim these enemy prayers in this day and age. Many people are now in the gospel of finding and commissioning enemies/enemy.

Many have taken it upon themselves to see anyone that does not conform to their style of leadership or best put – rulership as the enemies.

Who is your enemy?

This is one of the biggest questions of all times. Who do we consider as our enemy? Do we just label everyone and anyone that does not share our views or life our kind of life an enemy?

Obviously, there are people who fit into the shoes of amenity, either because of what they have done to or against us, or because they have chosen us to be their enemies.

God’s ways are not our ways, which is why He has told us to love our enemies. In real life, no sane person would tell you to love anyone who wants you dead. But God’s ways are not same as man’s ways.

He ordains our ways and has lots in store for us. God love us so much despite the fact that we have sinned and fallen short of His glory. Yet He did not cast us – His enemy/enemies away, but gave His only begotten son to come and die on our behalf, just to bring us back to our maker. John 3:16

The truth of the matter is that the moment we begin to see someone, or regard people as our enemy, we start skidding off the plans of God for our lives.

God’s love for Your Enemy!

Looking at the topic, you would have thought that I am one of those people that encourage you to pray for the death of your enemy. No! Not at all. God specifically placed you in the position that you are and all you have to do is follow His lead.

I only believe in praying for the salvation of my enemy or assumed enemies. If I have done my part and they still refuse to repent and change from their evil ways, then it is left for God to breed down fire from heaven against them. That’s is His job, not mine.

No matter what you do or believe, always love your neighbour as you love yourself, by so doing, you will have less people who you may be tempted to call – your enemy/enemies!

True faith is trusting God wholeheartedly. Since The Lord is directing our affairs, it is best for you not to try and find out what happens along the line. Your own part is to do what is expected of you, and let God do his own part of the deal.

I would never hate my enemy because God commended me to Love my neighbour as myself!

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