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Inspired by the Spring to Create a New Life

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Spring they say is the time of new beginning, the time newness, the time of new life. As the winter months seems so long, the days of dullness seems unending. The mind begins to get used to wrapping its membranes around the dull mornings, cold afternoons and colder evenings.

What on Earth are we to do than wait for the long overdue sun to awaken and do what it is best known for, springing forth from its cocoon.

In the days of Dark winter, many lives got to the point of falling off the edge. Many people got to the point of getting into the depression mood. A mood where it becomes hard and even harder to see anything good in their lives.

God must have known what He was doing and why He allowed the winter days to come by. He must have had it in His mind to see if we could be appreciative of what the sun gives us, of what the days and months of Spring and its seasons brings to us.

Here Comes Spring

Suddenly, one early morning, the sun decided to come off the Nature-made coma and grace the World with its smiles. The rays of the sun looks like the hands of God trying to reach every corner to heal the aches and pains that the wintery days have caused.

One morning as the day began to prepare for another task, the blinds in the house were lifted and at last the rays of the sun came calling. As if that was not enough, the fierce breeze took a run and when it returned, it became gentler than the suckling baby.

I thought to myself, “the wind must have been born again” its gentleness is baffling. As if that was not enough, the sadness that was hung on the faces of the outdoor flowers and the fields gradually eases off and turned into smiles as the received the first dose of the smiles as shared by the now laughing sun.

New Life in Spring

While I was still trying to wrap my brains around the changes and how magnificent the handiwork of God is, the birds of the air arose with this thunderous shouts of Praises unto God.

They sang, danced and praised God for giving them life and making them happy again and ushering in Spring. Their praises were so loud that the forests and the seas were awaken by the quakes of their voices.

Trying to soak them all in, the flowers and the crops, gradually started to creep out of the ground. The colours of the fields gradually changed, becoming brighter and multi-coloured.

Joy, laughter and peace that had almost taken flight now had a place to call home, People’s attitude and lifestyle completely changed in the twinkle of an eye.

Why are all these happening I asked, and the suddenly, like a voice out of nowhere, came the words, I am God that created the Spring. I will Spring Forth Ideas for you to survive with.

God has done it once again for all of us. He had laid His plans for how the World would be, and how the Times and Seasons would concurrently balance each other. He has by His grace, Spring forth ideas for us, all He asks is for Us to get this ideas, till the grounds of our Hearths, cultivate the ideas, let them spring forth ‘life plants’, flowers and in due time we can harvest these ideas and utilise them in our daily lives.

What more can He (God) ask of us?

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