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Is God Anti Prosperity and Prospering?

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Is God Anti Prosperity and prospering? I do not think so. I think God wants us to prosper. I suggest prospering is beyond loads of money in your account and mansions in all places.

The Gospel as I understand it has a central theme. If I were to define that theme, I would use the word love. There are enough definitions of the word love in the Bible.

Certainly it is not lust, greed and covetousness. And it’s not materiality.

When we speak against pseudo con men using religion to gather and assimilate wealth, it is because we have an example in Christ. It is because we know what greed is and we know what need is.

Because of poor understanding of Christianity or wilful ignorance, many Christians now a days confuse prospering in running a Church as a business to blessings of faith. They see “men of faith” living large and conclude erroneously that God must sanction their wealth.

There are laws in the world. And they are universal. A reason why I do not take my financial problems to church is simply because of those laws.

The link between Prospering and Money

Money is not one of God’s creation. It is that of man. Therefore operates under the principle of man. Those that gather many to set a grand Ponzi scheme understand this principle.

They target numbers and reside in affluent areas. Have you never asked why none is big in Igede? Or Ikerre Ekiti. Building a mega church there and buying luxury will be a real miracle. Not staying in Lagos, Abuja and such and getting numbers and seemingly prospering.

If your Pastor says he became wealthy independent of your contributions ask him for proof. Ask him why no Apostle or Disciple was like that. And if tells you Jacob or Abraham ask for his farms and flock. Of course you are the cattle.

As I said, men serving the Lord should live well. Something in me says God is against obscene display of money. Something in me tells me it’s not right that in a climate of such poverty, some can amass and display wealth as we see or read.

The Gospel is about meeting needs. And this society has needs. In abundance.

The true Christians are folding their hands or bought by lies. We need to rediscover faith. The Church is in need of a revival.

Where will it come from? Whom will lead it??

Written by Ademola H Adigun
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