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My Sunday Homily: Religion as an Insurance Policy

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Religion is a driving force for many, while Religion is a cage for others. A lot of my friends think I ridicule or attack Christianity. I do not. Belief is a personal thing. The same way I would not ridicule Islam, Hinduism and the many variants of how persons try to make sense of the World and afterlife.

The problem with what the “sophisticated” ones that conquered our intellect and our culture termed Animism was the lack of scripting and documentation of practise. Only many years later was an attempt made to document the binary process of Ifa.

Religion of Fear

An intellectual friend of mine described Religion as an Insurance Policy. Just in case there is Hell and life after. A post I made a while ago suggested that many are religious from the fear factor.

The books of all religions that I have read promote fear as a factor for belief. The emphasis of a hell and punishment emphasises the need to comply or be damned. Despite anecdotes, tales and testimonies, there is really no proof of a Heaven or Hell. I salute the atheist. It takes immense courage to be one or for the religious: foolishness.

99% of us adopt the religion we have as accidents of birth. Yes some have switched. But has any from the house of Fahd switched or from the royal family of UK. Chances are that it will never happen.

Religion of most forms has not brought peace to the world. It will never. The default design of a superiority of methodology by Islam, Christianity or Judaism reinforces religion as a source of conflict.

No book of religion can stand critical analysis and rigorous interrogation. Persons that prove the validity of their religion or superiority will often use references in those books. The discussion will get heated and emotional. How dare you question the authority of the contents in the books?

I am religious. I try hard not to be. Years of systematic indoctrination from birth have conditioned me to place I can’t get out of. I have found it comforting sometimes and burdensome many times. So I pick and choose. A practise religion forbids. You take a 100% or nothing.

Man since documented inception has always tried to construct God. I do not know if man will ever be successful.

Africa is underdeveloped. Africa found God earlier than the Western world did. Maybe at the same time some parts of Asia did. Going by history and pure science, Adam and Eve would be black. There is no way they would have been White.

All clans have an Adam and Eve story. Creationism driven by Explanation. None is coherent or logical. You just have to accept, even when the gaps in the narrative are glaring.

One day, when I close my eyes I might find answers to all my questions and thoughts.

But for now I choose humanity as my religion. Doing my best within the limits of my ability and understanding to get through life day by day!

Have a happy Sunday.

Written by Ademola H Adigun
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