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Respect: The Greatest Need of a Man or Woman

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“The Greatest Need a Man/Woman wants from each other is RESPECT” ~ Cynthia Uju Raphael.

My Take:

While Nature has made Respect to be Natural, some People insists that respect MUST be EARNED. Some believe that for you to be Respected, you must either be the provider, the Source or nothing. If you want to be respected, you must strive to show why people Must respect you. Despite the fact that Nature has placed its things in order, people still think that respect comes with having plenty of money, resources etc.

With this mindset, they go about DISGRACING themselves at home and in the Public space, because you can’t give what you don’t have and if you are not willing to Learn, it becomes difficult to culture yourself.

Respect automatically diminishes once the PANT is dropped, and the NAKEDNESS is exposed for both parties to feast the eyes and Brains.

Respect is reciprocal, if you don’t give respect, never expect respect from same person or persons. If you don’t give it, don’t dream of getting it from anyone.

Never Beg anyone for Respect, for Nature never begs one to grow old.

If you do not give respect at home, watch how the lives of your children is gradually affected. They imbibe the culture of disrespect, and run with it. This is not magic, it’s Nature, as it tries to balance its books.

Lack of Respect affects the Home

Your children cannot learn from the walls, they learn from you – the book they see.

Even if you are waiting to be respected without giving respect, think about your children, think about your immediate environment.

To learn to give respect, start with yourself. Learn the home truth of Self-respect, for with that, you can then learn how to honour respect.

Respect is not magical, it is not a Miracle. Give it, then you’ll get it. Withhold it and keep on dreaming of it, and you will wait till thy Kingdom Come.

Written by Loveday Anyim
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