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Killing in the name of God?

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God, where is thy Face? There is no denying the fact that Nigeria is a country at war. But the sad news is that this is the most dangerous kind of war…Religious War!

We are inundated with constant breaking news of one bombing incident after another. It has even gotten to a point whereby people no more express anguish. Sadly, it has taken on a toga of normality.

What is baffling in this Religious war is how a group of people who can best be described as a rag tag army of religious fanatic hold the entire country to ransom, killing and maiming innocent people with reckless abandon all in the name of religion.

Shedding of innocent blood has become the order of the day. People are only surprised when there is no bombing or abduction incident in a week.

You Can’t Fight God’s Battle

The odoriferous excuse of fighting on behalf of God is as puerile as anything you can think of in that vein. There is no other way to describe them than sick, callous and twisted. Killing became their hobby; human blood has no value to them.

Hypocritically, they continue to make use of knowledge developed with Western education they pretend to be fighting.

How can somebody of sound mind slaughter a fellow human being as if he is slaughtering a ram and with such glee? God where is thy face? Please temper justice with mercy! Enough of these massacre help find an end to this butchering going on. The land is

My God!!! They are far behind Time

Polluted and defiled with blood of innocent souls. My conclusion about these set of fanatics are far behind their time.

Perhaps they should have come during King Pharaoh’s time or the Roman reign when they kill without mercy, not at this modern and civilised era that we value lives.

How are we going to describe bombers that choose to die and taking along with his twisted soul the lives of innocent people? Innocent children are abducted without the fear of God?

Do people now see God as deaf and dump? God you are not dead! Arise we need you like never before, innocent blood is crying for vengeance.

From His pot of wisdom…Anointed!

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  • God has not given anyone any power to fight His battles for Him.

    You can never assume God's stand on issues and do His job for Him.

    All those killing and maiming fellow humans in the name of their god and claiming to have an already made gift waiting for them somewhere in the afterlife needs to grow up and face reality.

    I pray that the wrath of God will arise and consume them some day.

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