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MUST READ: Life Sucks, Do not get pissed off at this post

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Hey do not get pissed of at this post. Allow me wallow in my ignorance.

Here goes. Every end of year, faithfuls troop to places of aggregation for an insight to next year, to say thank you or seek divine guidance on issues. It is a pilgrimage. Prophesies, wonders and miracles occur.

The Convener of the conference will usually attribute the occurrence to the place, him or herself working under the instruction or anointing of God. The Convener might not state so directly but will imply a special kind of grace of connection to the Divine above the attendees. So he is sought out for that “special” attribute.

Now conventional medicine and science in experiments to test a drug always has a control group. The idea is to be certain that you can attribute the outcome to a reasonable degree on the drug or intervention.

So if 30 women attend Shiloh ( no issues with Shiloh) for instance and prayed for husbands ( because you can relate to the example easily), the expectation should be God answers all 30. And another 30 that did not pray should remain single. Now of course we have to introduce other measures to it. It has to be framed within a time frame. So we say a year. So by one year, all that prayed should return with testimonies.

Now you know God is said to not work that way. The concept of destiny comes in. The idea that “there is a time” for everything comes in. So if only 3 of the 30 testify of a husband after a year. God did it. The greater 90% can be attributed to it not being their time, God still at work and perfection not concluded yet. But in a logical trial, 10% would be a failure. Of course many other factors could lead to the lack of a result despite attending Shiloh.

Now again we return to the 30 that did not pray. Our control group. So if amongst the 30 that did not attend, 10 get married we have an outcome of 33.3%. That is a higher figure than those that attended any special event. So what do we conclude?
Shiloh had lower success.

Now you have probably sat in services where a Pastor decreed the low-level of numbers in the church of the lack of exponential growth. Naturally the more the number in a place, the increase in possibilities of good and bad. Wisdom would be to amplify the “miracles” to encourage others and downplay the reality that bad things have also occurred.

So you take away a testimony of an occurrence that might have been without any intervention in the first place. A random occurrence amplified to reinforce supernatural powers or ability or connection to the Divine.

What am I saying: life happens. Life is not as written in movies or stories where good always wins over evil. The reality is evil triumphs good more often than mentioned.

And simply no person is more anointed than the other, none can see the future, none can save their own lives and no place or gathering is of any meaningful effect.

You will find peace with yourself when you accept life-like children do. When you find happiness in little things. When you develop a thankful mind in the path of betterment. There is where the divine really is. Within you.

“Behold he knocks at the door, will you let him in”?

But maybe Diablo has a corner in my mind? Who knows?

Written by Ademola H Adigun
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