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Make Bible Gateway your New Year Tool

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Bible Gateway, the most socially rich and personal connector to widely researched, freely read and reference scriptures has made life easy for great Bible users and Bible scholars, who love to stay connected to God on their desktop, tablets, fablets, laptops, smartphones and on every on-the-go gadgets.

Bible Gateway gives access to the Bible in 70 languages and more than 180 versions, and comes with great Bible searching capabilities.

The and the Bible Gateway App has the capabilities to search Bible translations based on Keywords, phrase, Scripture References, phrases, topics or as the mind can imagine.

My Bible Gateway Resolutions

As the Year was gradually drawing to a conclusive end, many people were at it again, scribbling what they want to do and all the things that we imaginarily want to come to pass in the New Year.

Pens, pencils, books, diaries, laptops, palmtops, PDAs, iPads, phones etc. were all hots up with various – “To do lists” also known commercially and in the Social circles as New Year Resolutions.

Each Year billions of people have a resolution or two; things they want to drop and things they want to pick up on their journey of life in the New Year and/or beyond.

Don’t worry, in case you missed making a New Year Resolution, it is not yet late, because the Year is just starting its 12 months journey, and it’s just the 1st quarter.

In all your New Year resolutions, there is one thing that should be paramount in your list – having a quick access to the Word of God at home, in your Office or on the go.

The World is now a Global Village, with communication being the basics of the World’s livewire. In order to maintain an uninterrupted access to God and His Words, the Bible Gateway comes in handy.

The Bible Gateway Goldmine

The Bible Gateway has in its Vaults, many Resources, tools, Apps and everything you need to be on top of your connections with God.

  • Do you want to do an online Bible Passage Lookup?
  • Is it Bible Reference or Keyword Search that you want to do?
  • Do you desire to start Reading Plans to learn more of the Bible?
  • Do you want to gain access to extensive Devotionals to help build your Christian life?
  • Do you want to listen to Audio Bibles, then you are in the right place.
  • Do you want all these features in one place, then the Bible Gateway App is the best App to get.
The Bible Gateway App won the Christian New Media Award 2013. It is fresh, sophisticatedly simple and a User friendly Christian Mobile/Tablet App of the Year.

Are you still waiting for more? Ok, check out the Bible Gateway App for both Android, Blackberry Operating System, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and the entire Apple Operating System (iOS).

O’h Lord, Your word is a lamp to my feet; And a light to my path. (Psalm 119:105-106) Now that your Gateway to your Biblical Treasures has been made known to me, may your Wisdom and Grace help me to utilise them. Amen.

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