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A place for all advices on Marriage, Rules of Marriage, enjoying Marital Bliss, and all necessary Compromise in Marriages.


Imagine a World without Domestic Violence. Imagine what the World would have been without a man or woman.

Inagine what the World would have been without Marriage and the Union of one Man and one Woman.

Marriage indeed, is important institution that God has divinely instituted on earth in order to make life easy for human coexistence.…


Before we deal extensively with this topic of cheating in marriage and relationships, it would be better if we really ask ourselves some key questions:

  • What is Cheating?
  • Why do people cheat in Marriage or Relationships?
  • What are the after effects of Cheating?

Viagra can help correct dysfunction in men, the effects can also be deadly and aid in destruction of a home if misused. Then, we ask, should a Christian use Viagra?

Marriage is not a testing ground for children. Its either you are In or Out. Is it possible to be married but your two hearts live in two separate worlds?

'wives submit to your husbands' and 'husbands love your wives and be not bitter against them.' Don't be an illiterate christian, Always quote God right.

Is your Marriage hitting the Rocks because of Submission? What's Your interpretation of Submission in Marriage? Find out what others think of Submission....