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A place for all advices on Marriage, Rules of Marriage, enjoying Marital Bliss, and all necessary Compromise in Marriages.


Is your Marriage hitting the Rocks because of Submission? What's Your interpretation of Submission in Marriage? Find out what others think of Submission....

Adultery is permissible in Nigeria. No one really frowns at it. Many mothers in law will hush their married daughters if she makes a lot of noise on it. Questions such as "Is he maltreating you?

This story is a case of a 42-year old lady who is married to a 45-year old man. She reports of his lofty dreams which ends up as dreams, and his inability to stand on his two feet.

This has almost become the norm of the day for many families, and I would want you all to read with a thoughtful heart.…


Is there any point looking for a Soulmate when you are not yet prepared to be a Soul & have a mate? Lets see what could be the cause of a Soulless Soulmate.

After giving birth, I asked My Husband for help, he agreed but showed up with a lady. I moved out of Our bedroom in protest, now his woman occupies his Bed.

Why do you need another Spouse? Or should we be asking - Why not? Why don’t you have another spouse? Why remain in hell on Earth? find out how...