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A wife suspected the husband of having illicit affair aka sex with their house maid. One day she decided to punish her husband by setting a trap for him.

She set a trap for the husband by sending the maid to the village for the weekend without telling the husband or any member of the house.…


The matter she brought before the Parliament today is on behalf of her friend…

The couple has been married for about TEN YEARS without a child. After trying (for a baby) in all these years, she adopted a child with her husband’s consent.…


She is a senior friend that I admire so much. She’s been married for about 15 years. And she told me that right from the moment she got married to her husband till date, her husband’s folks have insinuated that she uses JUJU (African Black Magic) on the man

Her friends are surprised that such allegations don’t bug her one bit.…


A man wrote in for an advise:

Please counsel my wife to always love her husband irrespective of the situation at hand. Her love exists as long as money keeps coming.

She takes our issues to third parties, telling them all that happens in our home.…


I am an avid follower of the activities of the Parliament. Please keep it up. You are doing a great job. There was a mutual agreement between me and my husband to seek for divorce.


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