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Master Key to Divine Help

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Man can be helpless and we need help in certain situations and circumstances, but God is always there to help us once we call on Him.

God’s help is from above and it is superior to any other help. There is no man that can make it in life without God’s help either directly or through benefactors. Benefactors are people that God put on our ways (journey through life). God can help man Directly or Indirectly through the Angels or fellow human beings.

God can help you through the assistance of Angels. Three (3) Angels visited Abraham. Because of his life of hospitality, he was blessed of God. because God was in their midst, Abraham and Sarah were helped.

Pastors, Prophets:
God can use your Pastors, Prophets etc to help you. (-1 Samuel 7 vs. 5). God has planted them there for your purpose. Samuel cried out to God on behalf of Israel and god heard his prayers and helped the Israelites.

However, if you want God to help you, you have lots of responsibilities to perform.

Obedience: Obedience is the trigger for every divine help.
There are several examples of people who were obedient and the result that they got.

  • John 2:1-11: When the wine at the marriage supper finished, the Disciples of Jesus were told to do something, and because they obeyed, Jesus performed a Miracle.
  • John 9:1-11: The blind man obeyed Jesus and his eyes were restored.
  • 1 Kings 17:9-16: The woman of Zarephath obeyed and at the end, she received multiples of miracles and never knew any lack.
  • 2 Kings 5:1-19: Naaman was asked to just do a simple task and pride would have made him loose his healing, but reason prevailed, he obeyed and was made whole.
For you to perpetually enjoy divine help, you need to be very obedient. Whatever  that is considered DEAD in your life, with help, God is calling it to life today in Jesus Name.
You must identify where your help would come from. In Mark 5:21-37, the Synagogue Ruler did not go anywhere else but to Jesus; he must have heard about the works of Jesus. He knew where his help would come from.
The woman with the issue of blood made up her mind to touch the garment of Jesus and she received her healing instantly.


I don’t know what you have been hoping for or what you may have been suffering from, but if you propose in your heart and ask for help, Jesus will surely help you.


I don’t know the situation you are in and people have been laughing at you, I want you to know that Jesus is alive and ready to help you.


The Woman with the issue of blood suffered for 12 years and Jarus’s daughter was also 12 years old according to the scriptures, thus in this 12th Month of the Year, God is telling someone to COME Alive today!!! be it your Finances, Destiny, Health, Career, Immigration Status etc. You must be sensitive to the word of God and whatever the Spirit of God tells you to do, you must do so without hesitation.


Who exactly is your Divine Helper?

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