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Miracles are just more than Wealth and Health

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Miracles do happen they say. I got my miracles some other said. I am praying for a miracle, and I must get it (my Miracles) by fire by the grace of God another person said. God I want you to give me my own miracle and let my enemies know that you are my God; hmmm yet another person by the Conner of their room prays.

We have sought for and prayed, and continuously pray and seek for miracles to happen in our lives, but have we just thought to pause and ponder on why most of the prayers for Miracles we have been shelling on to God are yet to be answered?

Have we taken time out to ask God why He has chosen to ‘delay’ His miracles to rain into our lives?

Miracles do happen, so don’t get me wrong, but for them to happen, we must learn to pray aright and also know how to ask God for what we want and also ask Him to do His will in our lives and prayers.

Count your Miracles

This morning as I got prepared to go out to seek for a land with new pastures, and initiate the workforce for the purpose of the provision of the ‘daily bread’, I was faced with a choice of getting my bus or missing my bus.

I prayed and asked God to make my bus come few minutes late so I can rush to the “hole in the wall” and manufacture some quid to pay for my ride, despite the fact the I have my ‘loaded’ bus pass (which is called the “Leap Card” in my area), which unfortunately the Bus driver for the week does not know how to operate the new machine.

What did I get? As soon as I stepped onto the road, I saw the bus coming. “O’h God what have You done now I silently questioned”. It just flashed back to me that I ended my prayer with “let your will be done, oh Lord!”

So I relaxed and calmed myself down. After all, I can still catch the train if I miss the bus.

I quite know very well that the bus driver was feigning ignorance or agitating against his employers when he always says that the new installed bus/Leap Card machines are non-operable; because of all the drivers that have plied that route on that vehicle, none of them have complained because they have mastered how to use the Leap Card Ticket machine.

So as I walked to the nearest  bus stop, I approached the stopping bus and waited for all the passengers to go in first, then I held my Leap Card and announced that I do not have cash on me, that I had a loaded Leap Card. To this his face changed, but I was determined not to miss my bus.

Suddenly, he ‘waved’ me in, and I got unto a seat and sat comfortably.

When I look back, I could rightly see that the “Will of God” prevailed, and I got myself some saved change and a happy face.

This goes a long way to say that miracles are not only when we win a downfall of cash or when something out of the ordinary happens, but the little things that happen in our journey of life all constitutes miracles.

Take out time in your life to look inwards and see all the miracles that God has performed in your life. Don’t wait until He has given you that big break you are waiting for before you can have a heart of gratitude. Thank Him now and He will do more for you.

May God’s miracles manifest in your life today. Amen.

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  • Dont be fooled. Miracles are just more than wealth and health.

    Miracles are not Bought neither are they given because of your good deeds. They are freely given by God… so do Not PAY for them!!

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